Hackers Anonymous

To me the thought of hacking and anonymous is completely another language. Even though I like to call myself tech savvy and I can create my own website from the classes I’ve taken, I still don’t understand all of the codes and things that go into it. I have watched and learned about anonymous with all of the stuff and things they hacked. I understand hacking is extremely illegal, but in some instances with  how anonymous hacked into Wall Street and help take down some governments. It shows that with what they call a legion, can make a big impact especially for the good. Yes, they have done things that were bad, but in general when they did the things that were good I feel like it made up for what they did wrong. Hacking shows that no one is actually safe on media or the Internet. Anonymous shows us that even when you think you are safe, you truly aren’t. Anyone can get your information off of anything you do. When they talked about how hundreds of people went and protested the church of scicology and helped bring it down. It helps us not just understand the fact that in packs we can change history and we can change not just the rules society thinks we should live by, but we can change the future to be better for the generations to come. I believe that we are the generation that can change the world from where we are at now, to a better future.


Difference in Metal to Politician

In the world of punk and hardcore music one of the biggest celebrities that everyone knows is the one and only Austin Carlile. Being the singer for Of Mice and Men, Austin is a fan favorite among the people in the scene. Looking through his Twitter and Instagram accounts Austin Carlile uses these accounts just like you and I would. Most of his posts deal with just his every day life and some times he will post about his band on different occasions. About a month ago he was rushed to the hospital due to a heart problem he had resulting from Marfan syndrome. He used these social media sights to thank the fans for the get well cards sent to the hospital and to keep everyone up to date on his recovery. The posts he has result from retweets of him at concerts or posts about his girlfriend and what they are doing. He uses these sights to not just reach out to fans and talk to them, but to reach out to friends and family and the people he works with on a daily basis. He supports the illness he suffers from every day, and brings awareness about it and many other aspects like hope for those who feel like giving up. As most celebrities in any scene, they are all just humans like even the littlest guy out in this world. Austin tries to give that feeling when he posts, that he is just the same as you and me.



On the other side of the spectrum, Donald Trump is not just one of the infamous business millionaires with Trump Towers in down town NYC. He is also one of the rising candidates in the presidential election. Most of the posts that Trump has on his twitter mostly just gear towards his election and the stances he makes in politics. This is normally what all politicians do to get a leg up in their election and helps people be aware of where that person stands on issues here in the country.


Between the two there are a lot of major difference of why and what they post on Twitter or any social media. They choose these sites for one reason and that is to reach out to their specific audience. They are both different from how they post and when they post. Each person gears towards who they think will be seeing and wanting to know what they have to say and why they say it. The only thing is Austin uses these social media platforms not to just promote himself, he uses it just to be another person as if he wasn’t as famous as he actually is. Sometimes in life we have to realize that politicians and celebrities are just the same as us regular people.